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Intermission Beauty - "never take a break.... from looking great!"

The summer (and the netherworld) just got hotter with our newest diva!

Douglas Otero

We are so excited to start off summer with our newest diva. Broadway superstar Kerry Butler and our lip gloss titled Barbara 2.0 after her amazing and hilarious character Barbara Maitland in the Tony nominated for Best Musical Beetlejuice. Kerry has so many Broadway credits including Xanadu, Means Girls, Little Shop of Horrors and Hairspray to name a few. Not to mention TV shows and recordings of some of the most amazing songs ever written. We especially love the Disney songs where she both sings AND plays the ukulele. As talented as she is, she is also equally supportive of animals which is why we love and decided to partner with her as one of our Broadway Diva Series. All our diva series products benefit the Aspca and The Humane Society!.