Intermission Beauty - "never take a break.... from looking great!"

Intermission Beauty - "never take a break.... from looking great!"

Intermission for some skin savers!

Douglas Otero

Take a fifteen and replenish with these amazing skin savers. Our new facial mists are of another level. While most are fifty percent or more water, these are loaded with a combo of both natural and organic skin foods! With a magical blend of Himalayan dead sea salts, the "enchanted rose" mist will tone, nourish and restore the PH balance of your skin.

While our "under the sea" mist is a crazy blend of super food and hydration for the skin. Especially dry ones! Organic cranberries, licorice root and red tea extracts are only some of the delicious blend that literally brighten and exfoliate the skin on contact! Your skin will glow after a few mists. Both are great before skincare/makeup, afterwards or whenever you need that intermission pick me up!

Our "take off with us" lip scrub will gently remove all that dead skin and get them ready for your loud, bend and snap or any of your intermission beauty lip favorites. Best of all no oily residue! Smells so yummy you'll want to eat it instead of removing it!

Last but not least our "lip show" treatment balm is pure decadence on the lips. Surprising ingredients like wheat germ, apricot and lemon grass make this so rich and invigorating you'll want to bathe in it! It's like bath oils for the lips.