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Intermission Beauty - "never take a break.... from looking great!"

Hot town, summer in the city!

Douglas Otero

The heat is in full swing here in NYC. Work, auditions, shows to see, so keep your glam down to a minimum. Minimal on the face and a bold or bright color (like bend & snap, loud or showqueen) will keep you looking alive and fresh. A good way to keep the sweat and shine off, especially if you have a full beat going on are Starbucks napkins. They are AMAZING blotting papers......AND FREE!!!! So next time you stop in for your Iced, Grande, Skim, Latte, Macchiato, one pump classic (yes that's my fav) grab a bunch! Normally I say blot only where needed but in the summer that's pretty much everywhere. Put on your favorite IB lipstick, sip and go! xx