Intermission Beauty -

Intermission Beauty - "never take a break.... from looking great!"

The wait is finally over, our 5th Diva is here just in time for the holidays!!!!

Douglas Otero

We are so pleased to have the ridiculously talented Shoshana Bean join our Broadway Diva series! A broadway vet who made her mark very quickly on the broadway stage in the original cast of Hairspray and soon became the first replacement for Elphaba in Wicked. Along with Funny girl and Beaches to name a few, Shoshana is now an independent powerhouse solo recording artist selling out concerts all around the globe. In fact her solo releases have topped the itunes R&B and Blues charts in both the U.S. AND the U.K. and have peaked positions including #1. "Remember the day" is one of her latest solo debut songs from her 4th studio album Spectrum! Many times she is bringing down the house with her insane vocal gift as a platform for her many passions, including The Trevor Project and The Human Rights Campaign. So we are so pleased to have her be a voice for our furry friends for which she is also a huge advocate. Sales like all the other BDS lipsticks benefit the ASPCA and The Humane Society. AND GO check out for more on her latest ALBUM which will be out soon or you can also pledge to receive amazing personalized gifts by Shoshana herself at